Get Cyber Savvy: GDPR and IT Security basics for SMEs

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  1. Finding appropriate tools for your business. Look around and ask around. What do people running businesses like yours use and are they cost effective and right for you? I use tools such as Mailchimp, Hubspot, OneDrive and Dropbox and they all have robust security which meets my needs. If I was running a listed company, I’d almost certianly want more.
  2. Backup your data. At some point, something will happen — you will be the victim of fraud, you will have your data compromised or similar and the best thing to do is to ensure that you have up to date, recoverable backups of your data.
  3. Stay safe online . Be aware of the scams doing the rounds and remember that scams are becoming more convincing every day! Keep software and virus/malware checkers bang up to date with the latest versions. Change passwords regularly and make them hard to guess at. Use multi-factor authentication when you can.




Business owner, top dad, rubbish triathlete and muscle trumpet.

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Keith Nicholson

Keith Nicholson

Business owner, top dad, rubbish triathlete and muscle trumpet.

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